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Sunday School is temporarily online due to the pandemic. Please visit our YouTube channel under Online Worship Resources to see our latest video.

1) Daily Lenten Devotions: HERE

2) “Lenten Gardens” Family Activities to do together at home!

So have fun and click on everything you see in these first two gardens below. Start with the book on the park bench. This bible will open up a collection of daily bible readings, children’s story bible readings, prayers, and questions to think about throughout each week.

Once you’ve got these devotions at hand, go ahead and click around the rest of the garden to discover so much more.

The itty bitty library boxes unlock one or two video recordings from wonder-filled bible story books suggested in the devotions for reading that week.

The hanging flower basket will take you on a weekly adventure of garden musings and gardening ideas.

The guitar leaning against the tree sings out brand new and much loved hymns and songs that will connect you to our weekly bible stories and themes. You’ll want to sing along with every one of them.

Are you feeling like going for a walk? Click on the wooden door and walk into a world of labyrinth visits, reflections and opportunities.

Is it time to be creative? The garden gnome reveals a simple craft idea that makes use of materials that you likely already have at home.

And when it’s time for something to eat, click on the picnic basket for a new recipe or two to try out at home.

Are you curious enough to enter into the garden?

March 21-March 27 Garden: HERE

March 14-March 20 Garden: HERE

March 7-March 13 Garden: HERE

Feb 28- March 6 Garden: HERE