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New Public Health Orders for the Province of Manitoba were announced on August 27th,2021. Some of these orders came into place on August 28th,2021 (Mask mandate for all indoor public places) and some of the new restrictions are effective September 03, 2021.These Orders are not yet posted on the government website but should be available before September 03, 2021. Few things are expected to change with regard to churches, weddings or funerals except MASKS will be required for those services held indoors. Worship attendance: indoors (50% capacity or 150 persons whichever is greater and outdoors – 1500 persons or 50% capacity whichever is the lesser), please be aware that the key is the condition noted measures are implemented to ensure that persons attending the service are reasonably able to maintain a separation of two metres distance from other persons at the service other than persons who reside at the same private residence.”

Current Provincial Public Health Orders: HERE