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COVID-19 Update

Worship services are resuming Sunday September 13, 2020 with safety protocols in place.

  • If you are ill or someone in your household is ill, please stay home
  • If you have traveled to a place which Public Health protocols have deemed it necessary to quarantine, please stay home
  • Please wash your hands frequently and sanitize them upon entering the Church
  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged
  • We will be keeping a record of all people who have attended worship service for 3 weeks in order to facilitate contact tracing if necessary
  • Please maintain 2 meter distance between households at all times, including entering and exiting the Church
  • Services will be adjusted to adhere to Public Health protocols: including no singing or responses, limited movement while in the worship area (please remain seated in your place for the duration of the service), no physical bulletins.

Please note that although these protocols are difficult and do no make for an ideal worship scenario, they are temporary and we will be looking for feedback and adjusting on an ongoing basis to optimize your worship experience.

Your safety and the safety of those most vulnerable in our community is our number one priority.

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