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COVID-19 Update

In-person worship services have been suspended as of Sunday March 22 for all three congregations (Avonlea, Sanford, and Starbuck). When in-person worship services resumes is to be determined as the situation develops. A worship service you can use at home will be posted here each Sunday. For more info, please contact Rev. James

For additional information:


Help Next Door MB is a network of helpers coming together as a community.

If you are a volunteer ready to provide your support or someone who needs a helping hand through these difficult times, this platform can connect you.


From Reverend James:

Healer of our every ill,
light of each tomorrow,
give us peace beyond our fear,
and hope beyond our sorrow.

Greetings friends. In response to the COVD-19 pandemic and in accord with the directives issued my public health officials, we are suspending in-person worship at the parishes. This was a difficult decision to make as gathering for Sunday worship is such an essential part of our Christian lives. To protect the vulnerable, to ‘flatten the curve’, to support frontline health care workers and in solidarity with our communities we all must do our part to practice social distancing at this time.

Although we face a period of unprecedented isolation, we live in a time of unprecedented opportunities to connect in other ways: phone, email, social media, videos and virtual meeting platforms. I encourage us to all to take advantage of all these ways to keep in touch, to keep connected, and continue to gather as community in new ways. Please reach out to all members of our community, especially the most isolated. If any one is in any need of pastoral care, groceries, supplies please do not hesitate to contact me or someone from the congregation.

I also invite people to offer prayer intentions to me either by email or phone or social media. I would also like to send out a weekly prayer and reflection as a means of connecting us all and keeping these events in the context of our faith in God who loves us and care for us.

Instead of an in-person worship service and until we gather again in-person, the following will be available on

At 10:00am Sunday, March 22nd our Sanford United Church congregation is invited to join together on Zoom for some fellowship:  an opportunity to check in, discuss the services of the day or just to say hi. Meridian Pastoral Charge on-line fellowship

If anyone would like to submit a prayer intention or request pastoral care Rev. James can be reached at:

(204) 736-2978

As we face uncharted territory as a community and as a human family, we know God is with us. We pray that the healing love of Jesus and the life of the Holy Spirit may be poured out abundantly upon us to unite us and to guide us. For wherever we are, no matter how we gather, we are the church, called to worship our Creator and serve our brothers and sisters.

Rev. James